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Cinque Terre by Boat

Almost every traveler coming to Italy from overseas wishes to visit Cinque Terre by boat: they have heard about the unbelievable beauty of this series of 5 small villages located on a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera. Many of them do not know exactly where is Cinque Terre and it can be useful to find it out before leaving. The portion of coast of Cinque Terre is part of the Italian region of Liguria but it is really close to Tuscany – especially to its coastal area called Versilia. The historical heart of Versilia is the medieval town of Pietrasanta, where hotel Mondial Resort is located.

This proximity makes it possible to arrange Cinque Terre boat tours from the hotel: the exclusive Azimut yacht will take you on a complete Cinque Terre boat trip. You will contemplate the five villages from the sea and you will be able to land and walk uphill until their ancient cores.

It is also possible to get to the Cinque Terre by car or train, but only getting to Cinque Terre by boat you will experience this area just like seamen did in the past. Contact our staff for any information you need about Cinque Terre boat tours!